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Affordable and State-of-the-Art Optical, Inertial, and Hybrid Motion Capture Studio Available for Rent in the Miami Area

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We offer tier 1 rates, indie rates, pitch decks / animatic rates, and student rates. Please reach out if eligible for discounted rate.

Each booking comes with a mocap supervisor, mocap assistant, (1) Perception Neuron suit (additional suits available as an add-on), and the studio space.

Talk to us about your project and we will quickly set up a call to talk timeline, process, and pricing.

Fill out the form and we’ll quickly setup a call to talk timeline, process and pricing.


Affordable Inertial / Hybrid Motion Capture Studio

Greater Downtown Miami Area

20 Person Capacity

12 hour blocks

1500 sq ft

Professional Motion Capture Specialists


Studio Manager /
Mocap Supervisor


Virtual Production

About Miami Mocap Studio

Miami Mocap Studio is an end-to-end motion capture and virtual production facility. Our space is equipped with Perception Neuron Motion Capture Suits and a NoitomVPS Motion Capture System, which offer you the ability to capture even the most intricate movements. 

A man wearing a motion capture suit inside the green screen space of Miami Mocap Studios in front of a 8k digital video camera

Miami Mocap Studio delivers AAA-quality work ranging from indie projects to previz for movies and video games, all the way to final render on music videos and more.

Each booking comes with a dedicated mocap supervisor and mocap assistant, ensuring a seamless and productive recording session.

Our studio provides full previsualization services and a comprehensive live streaming setup, allowing you to visualize and bring your creative concepts to life at every stage of production.

Miami Mocap has a full broadcasting system from black Magic alongside plenty of monitors and lighting rigs

Storyboard your ideas by visualizing your concepts and creating detailed storyboards that map out every movement and action. Test different scenarios by experimenting with various scenes and aesthetics and adjusting and reviewing in real-time. We offer a complete, end-to-end, virtual production pipeline.

NoitomVPS Virtual Production Setup features a virtual camera system utilizing a Terradek monitor

Award Winning Team


Full Performance Capture:
Miami Mocap Studio offers complete control of your capture sessions. Using the Perception Neuron Motion Capture System you get up to 27 tracked points on the body including finger movement. Combined with the Perception Neuron Face Capture Helmet, bring expression to your digital characters. Miami Mocap Studios is also partnered with peel capture to offer a seamless experience for syncing mocap data, audio capture and reference footage.

Mobile Motion Capture:
Can’t come to our studio? Not a problem, Perception Neuron is a lightweight, portable and easy to use system. That means minimal set up time is needed to get you up and running.

Data Process and Clean Up:
We offer data processing and clean up services. This ensures smooth looking animation for your project.

Modeling and Rigging:
We provide modeling services, creating a range of character styles ranging from low-poly to digital doubles. Our rigging services ensure your characters movements are natural and realistic.

Have a unique need for your project, like stunt pads, spot blocks, or prop weapons? Let’s talk.

About The Space

  About The Space:
Green Screen Studio with lights and camera sitting on top of a truss for a complete virtual production studio setup

Our space offers affordable inertial and hybrid motion capture. Record all the motion performances you need for your indie video game or animation project using our Perception Neuron suits. Mocap just one performer, or multiple at the same time.

Step inside Miami Mocap Studio and immerse yourself in an 18’x21′ mocap volume (includes greenscreen), equipped with M3 Qualisys cameras for hybrid motion capture. Our space also includes a broadcast table with charging stations and multiple TVs for data viewing.

Professional Studio Camera 4K to 12K high resolution with lense attachements for a production studio in miami


We’re all about fostering creativity, which is why we offer flexible rates to cater to different needs.

From tier 1 rates for the pros, to special packages for indie creators and students, we’re here to support your project. Contact us to discuss eligibility for discounted rates.

Three portraits of presidents representing the multiple tiers of budgets that Miami Mocap offers for production and studio projects.


Miami Mocap Studio has a private parking lot, with 1 available VIP spot next to the front door if requested, a dedicated space for a production van or equipment truck, and plenty of free street parking just outside the lot for the rest of the crew.


The studio is located in Little Haiti, in Miami, Florida. It is just five minutes from i-95, 2 minutes away from US-1 Biscayne Blvd, and about 20 minutes from Miami International Airport. We have many dining options also within a five minute drive.


Behind The Scenes

Timbaland's BTS of his "Has A Meaning" Music Video

Scene Samples

4-Person Real Time Stunt Scene (Recorded at LA Studios)

Scene Samples

Real-time 2 person mocap w/ facial capture and virtual camera (Recorded at LA Studios)

Scene Samples

2 character mocap w/ facial capture (Recorded at LA Studios)

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Covid-19 Precautions

We have enhanced COVID-19 Health and Safety measures set in place. These include thoroughly cleaning the studio every week and before and after every shoot. The space is cleaned and disinfected in accordance with guidelines from local health authorities. High touch surfaces and shared amenities have been disinfected. Soft, porous materials have been properly cleaned or removed.